Google. Kind of Scary.

by Ken on February 27, 2017

Google has terrifying power. We’ve given it to them as we have accepted their enticing gifts and conveniences. They have become de facto gatekeepers of knowledge. To date, they have exercised this immense and growing power with relative care and benevolence. But it has become an influence upon each of us as its reach now touches most every cell of our intellectual existence. Our “right” to free expression remains but is, more and more, sitting in a vast library (the internet) “locked” with a key that is controlled by private companies. So far, we’ve been given decent access. But the current situation is like the Dewey Decimal system of a library – kept, changed, hidden and controlled by private hands. The Sherman and Federal Trade Commission Acts were established over a 100 years ago because of the developing powers of a few companies to control the business pulse of our land. Today, similar power rests in the hands of private companies who, through clever algorithms, can meter their version of “truth” for public consumption. We are beginning to see this happen. We need to watch out! Could we be nearing a time that laws must be written to harness and limit this awesome control by a few over the very thoughts and souls of the human race?

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