Reevaluation of this blog

by Ken on February 27, 2017

With Facebook, and our push for instant gratification, seems that more and more of us do our musings for our FB friends. We get our likes, and occasional comments, but since FB is now a part of so many’s lives, as readers we tend to scan over stuff. A well-written article is missed because folks tend to scan and move on.

In re-considering the value of this blog I think I have realized that it is entirely personal. When I post something, the intention is to explore something in depth and to take a bit of time and actually write something that expresses my true thoughts. Part of its value is going back and looking at my earlier writings. Interesting to discover where I have changed and where I have remained steady on a subject.

So I intend to keep it.

It will be read by few. That is okay. It is personal, yet I make it public enough that if any stumble upon it, and read with interest, and even comment, I’ll be completely okay with it.

As long as the comments are courteous.

The other day I had a nasty comment. It was rude, vicious and ripped me apart – and he does not even know me. It was written as a comment to an article I had written upon just after the electrion of President Trump. This guy wrote his comment after Trump took office to an article I wrote on 9 November. He was livid and totally hated me. Said he was looking for a designer but that he was “firing me” before first contact.

First reaction to such poison is to snap back. Such hate. I don’t have it in me. I believe that folks who write well and attempt to promote their ideas, even if different from mine, deserve my respect and courtesy.

I realized something, however If this guy were really looking to hire me (I suspect he was lying) what better way for me to filter out the true ass-holes of this world. Who wants to deal with them?

Most folks are pretty okay – even those with different ideas. Most grant others the beingness to be who they are. That certainly is my attitude. 80%, by my estimation, are good folks.

And if this blog helps me ween out the 20% who hate and cause trouble, perhaps it is doing its job.

So for that, and other personal reasons, I’m gong to keep the blog.

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