Health is a personal issue. We desire maximum health for ourselves and loved ones. We want it for everyone.

But how to achieve it is the question.

There are countless ideas, theories, schools of thought, philosophies and practices. Man has been at this subject as long as he has had a body – and the eons have been marked with witch doctors, shaman, grandmothers, modern doctors with their drugs and surgery, and other uga buga.

Its no wonder that folks either ignore the basics, to their own detriment, or throw the entire matter into the hands of others.

In seeking the truth one must be constantly on guard. Most who provide health knowledge on one hand are selling something with the other. (see my personal caveat below)

Turfs are guarded and protected. This can be for matters of pride as well as a matter of economics.

A multi-billion dollar industry, built upon dispensing pills to mask symptoms, will not long endure in a world without symptoms.

Unfortunetly, if certain empires (like pharmaceutical companies) become so strong that they can control the life blood of the informational outlets then we can only count on these established media to offer what is “allowed’.

An entire economic system has grown up around controlling what we eat, controlling our pills, controlling what we see on TV and other media and basically maintaining the new status quo of sickening us and then selling us the remedies. I do not claim, necessarily, that this is the intention – but it undoubtedly is the result.

Knowledge, Control and Responsibility go hand in hand. Raise one and the other two must raise as well.

The solution is to look for yourself.

You can research. You can find out relatively true information. However this can only occur if:

  • You are curious
  • You can keep a skeptical eye and yet know “truth” when you see it (an acquired art)
  • You make sure you look up words that you do not know the meaning of, as you past them

If you wish further data please visit my wife’s website TheNaturalRoad.Com

You may find that the basics, as are most basics, are rather simple and powerful.

As Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Let’s get and stay healthy.

My Caveat: What I say above is true. However The Natural Road also offers some solutions. So you should review any data on our website with care and a hint of skepticism just as you do all information. Though my wife and I live by what we have discovered and write about on that website, you are the ONLY judge of its correctness. If it passes your muster – I invite you, and even encourage, you to act. But never stop looking and judging. Though there may be false data out there it does not mean that everything is false. So differentiate and discriminate…. and………. Happy Hunting  and to your Excellent Health.

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Ed Brajnikoff October 17, 2023 at 4:18 pm

Would like to join: “The Natural Road”, please send information & link.
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