Four Types (perhaps 5)

by Ken on December 4, 2011

I don’t like over simplified classifications – most fail to span their subjects. However simplicity has a power of its own and usually contains, if well developed, more truth than the other massive and complicated tomes. I don’t claim to develop any perfect simplicities, but, as do many, I try:

Our world is in the hands of 4 types of folks:

  1. An elite few, most of whom rate personal power above all. They manipulate the system for their own sake. They are the ones in power. Not all in power are of this elk, but it tends to draw those of this nature.
  2. Then there are the folks who know something is wrong and attempt, with various degrees of success,  to define it. These are folks who are aware but not in possession of all the facts. They see evidence, they seek evidence of cause, and they live and contribute in a system that they wish to understand.
  3. And thirdly, the blind ones. They are in a state of not only being blind but being unaware that they’re blind. This is the vast majority of people. Their lives are spent focused upon glitter. They are often socially connected – but speak of people and things and rarely of ideas. These are not stupid people. Ask any one the lastest fad and he or she can quote it verbatim. Ask them who is their congressman or of the three branches of government that we used to have and they will stare at you as though you are infinite oblivion.
  4. And then fourth type.  These are the liberal “intellectual elite”. These comprise the liberal professors, grad students of the humanities, as well those such grads who have managed to gain employment (almost always in state sponsored programs because those are the only ones who will hire them). This fourth type is composed of folks who are not only blind but are quite certain that they know. Most have adopted invented and false knowledge, often religious in nature though they don’t recognize this,  which is removed from the actualities of existence. They would, perhaps, be aware of this if they were to really look for themselves – but they don’t.  They tend to study each other – with emphasis mainly upon getting  the quotes of “authorities” correctly stated. Knowledge, to them, is a collection of earlier conclusions by established, and accepted authorities. Honest, independent evaluation to gain true understanding and ownership of the knowledge are not part of their operation. These folks remain in a self-perpetuating false paradigm as they back pat each other in their closed cocoon of supposed wisdom. Their “wisdom” is evident by their credentials; which others are shy to question because of their own self-doubts. Man tends to seek understanding by relying on others to understand for him. If these intellectual elites don’t understand, goes the thinking, then “what are we to do?” Therefore these folks tend to be be the most dangerous as they are often cited, and accepted, as authorities.

Interestingly, 4’s sometimes become 1’s. 2’s who remain 2’s can enter positions of power but usually succumb to extravagances and become 1’s. I never said 2’s are immune to the trappings. Perhaps we could admit there is a 5th group – those in power for purely noble reasons – who seek to do right despite the attractions of personal gain. But this is a small group and usually minimized or destroyed by the collective actions of others. The folks in 3 are lead, by their noses, to whatever directions are mandated by the 4’s and 1’s. They are manipuated and will remain so until they are enlightened – which does not come easily nor is tempting to them.

To answer the question posed above, “What do we do?”. The answer is to Look. The good news is that with the proliferation of information, today, the 2nd group is beginning to figure things out. But they must be careful – there’s lots of nutty stuff out there. But some of the data is there to be had if one looks. It is contained in libraries, by looking directly at the sacred papers of our nation, by studying and evaluating history – including alternative musings.

There is no viable substitute, if one is seeking truth and understanding, than to Look, Duplicate (understand the definitions being used), evaluate for one’s self and then accept or reject all or part – by one’s own volition.

If  many of us do this, and act accordingly, we can win and loosen the shackles of covert slavery.

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