Another One Falls

by Ken on December 4, 2011

Herman Cain, whom I’ve stated earlier I admire, is now in a battle against the slings and arrows of a society run amok. Possible transgressions aside, here we have a man who has stepped up to the plate, offered money and a large part of his very soul, to put some sound business and economic sanity back into our country. He has recognized that while money does not directly buy happiness, that the lack of money (in this country that means “lack of production”) can certainly lead to unhappiness.

He’s got ideas. Though an imperfect man (whatever that means) he would have put a valuable tone and timber at the symbolic helm of this country; one we desperately need.

But, as the collective fools that we have become, we are attracted now to salacious accusations like moths to a flame.  Of course,  these are only accusations. Each is subject to hidden variables of misinterpretation, of mal agendas, exaggerations and other powerful factors far from view. Courts were instituted in this land to sort out these factors. But in this sloppy society accusations have become verdicts – forgone conclusions promulgated as truth by the powerful controller of information. A Clinton can stuff cigars into the nether regions of a young intern, a Kennedy can may have porked herds of “other women”; but these get relative social passes by the purveyors of official truth – yet this one conservative black man is thrown into the grinder of  “blind” judgment as truly important matters, to this country, are attenuated.

It will be interesting to see how my more socialist brethren, some endorsing the easy distribution of abortion drugs for young girls who have become pregnant (to preserve recreational sex),  will see this. Many have stated that Clinton’s escapades had little to do with his presidency. I agree, in part. He was impeached for lying – not for overactive gonads. Lying is a mark of mis-character and fear of the truth (oh – and is illegal when under oath). I tend to believe that one’s sexual proclivities are not as big an indication of character as many other points;  even though promiscuity does add to the problems of life and tends to reflect on questions of loyalty and keeping promises (certainly points of character).

Regardless, Mr. Cain was culled out of the herd early – for dismemberment and eventual dispatch. Something would have gotten him. It turned out to be this. The pattern is similar to the “wife-beating” allegations against Obama’s democrat opponent,  Hull,  right at the Illinois primary for U.S. Senate.  It  happened again with Obama’s Republican opponent, Ryan, at the actual election – propelling Obama into the Senate. Each were sexual allegations lifted from sealed records which turned out not to be true. But it stuck the attention of the masses and was enough to get Obama elected.

I suspect Obama would fear running against Cain more than any of the others.

It is disgusting to watch. It is fascinating to watch. It is like watching the cheetah in the field eyeing up his prey. You know he will win. The outcome is nearly certain. You watch with fascination as the inevitable plays out.

Cain will go. (Actually he has gone I just learned).  I am saddened not so much by the loss of this particular man to politics, but by the bias of the system to keep all things as they are. The momentum of our present system is like a world of freight trains. One may has well try to stop an earthquake.

We will get another middle of the road guy (a man, of course). We’ll get another candidate, indistinguishable from the existing body-politic. If it is Gingrich, the masses will vote for the prettier man (Obama) who has been only married once. If it is Mitt – who knows? Really, neither Gingrich or Mitt are really that different from our current President.

As said in Clock Work Orange – “So it Goes”.

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Bryan Risley December 8, 2011 at 11:02 pm

Its the media. Folks only place importance on what the media is highlighting as important with regard to matters outside their daily spheres. It was the media’s objective to bring down Cain and they succeeded. As a collective, people’s opinions are easily steered. Friendly news anchors we all know and love just reporting the “news” as it is. Must be important. Huge character flaw. If they won’t stop talking about it, then it must be a huge issue. Once the objective is met – it was – its on to the next thing and folks soon forget and wait for the next set of subliminal instructions of what to think about and what their opinions should be. I believe this effect is enhanced due to the fact that folks are generally so busy in their own lives – work, spouses, kids, etc – that researching issues on their own takes too much time. So, they leach onto the opinions of others whose job it is to “know” (i.e. the media). As you stated in another article, its not stupidity. Its prioritization of what it takes to survive, as calculated by the individual. Politics is “over there”, thus it falls in the hierarchy of life.

Connie Arthur December 9, 2011 at 1:26 am

Bryan, you make excellent points and it makes me glad that we don’t have TV. Well, we have a TV, but we use it to watch CD and Video movies. We gave up satellite and we listen mostly to radio and read newspapers. At least this way we can digest the pablum somewhat before we swallow and it allows us to form our own opinions. It’s too bad that televisions are so cheap! I can remember when it was outrageous luxury for someone to have more than one in their home and I can remember staring at the Indian Head Test Pattern and waiting for something to happen.
I was hoping and praying Herman would come out and make a statement about all the crazy accusations, and garbage they kept throwing at him. I really wished he would have just stood up and said, “Yah? So What? That’s ancient history. The leadership and direction of this country is what’s important, NOW, so let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.” But he let it steamroll right over him.
Hey, I have a great idea! Let’s produce a nightly TV ‘reality’ show that showcases people who have committed adultery with famous, noteworthy or notorious celebrities. It would be insanely popular and probably run for 10 – 15 years. Give the Tattleteller a book deal and chunk of change and give them their 15 minutes of fame (or infamy) so they can go away, desensitize the public and we can get on with more important issues.
I’d love to know the statistics of the number of people who would be superb choices for elected positions in government who won’t even consider running because they feel they have a skeleton in their closet that they don’t want dragged through the streets and held up for all the ‘innocents’ to point and gawk at. Forget it, I don’t want to know the stats, it will make me very very sad.
Thanks, Ken~

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