Past Disappears with Time

by Ken on August 28, 2011

I was looking through Google Earth and found my old neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio. I lived there from my 5th grade till 12th – the last year being in a home a few miles away but in the same neighborhood.

The two schools I attended were Jefferson Elementary (5th – 8th) and Colonel White (9th – 12th). Looking at the Google View of my Universe of the Time, you see (image below) two large dirt patches. Those were my schools. The upper right WAS Jefferson, and the lower left WAS Colonel White. I marked the image showing my home location in the middle and the paths that I walked daily as I made way to my places learning.

40 plus years ago and two patches in the Earth.

Too much nostalgia can ruin a nice day.

daytonpicture (Medium)

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