Ely’s April 2011 Visit

by Ken on April 10, 2011

Living up here at Love’s Landing places us a bit far from the kids and their kids. We really value the opportunities to get with any of them. This weekend Kim went down to get Elly and brought her up for a couple of evenings. We basically proofed up the house and set into the adventure of a 3 year old.  Grandparenting is quite different than parenting – and in a really cool way. It’s great to spend a bit of time with this young spirit and to watch her yell and scream with joy at the simplest things.  Raising little one’s is for young folks and when she leaves its good to get the house back – but her absence leaves a bit of a hole. There is a  fleeting sadness.

The passage of time is emphasized.

We always have the Iphone with us so were able to shoot a few scenes  for the scrapbook. One action we took was to get her I.D.’d – a free service offered at the fair. The data is not recorded anywhere except on a CD which we took. We forgot to give it to David and Malika – they may already have one – we’ll check an mail it to them later. It holds her fingerprint and a couple of photos for I.D. It can be used for Amber Alert and seems a pretty good idea.

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