Perhaps All of us Have Some Prejudice

by Ken on April 1, 2011

If you look at what prejudice is, it is simple. It is prejudging. Unfortunately the majority of those walking this planet are prejudiced. This word is usually associated with racial issues but that is only a small part of it.

The real problem, a problem of sanity really, is that folks do not observe well. When viewing most anything most folks judge or evaluate or decide based upon earlier evaluations and conclusions. They never really see what is before them because they “already know”.

Real sanity is the ability to observe directly and to judge based upon that observation.

I realize that I, too, have been prejudiced. One area, which I prejudged, is that regarding Michael Moore, the movie-maker and producer. I have always regarded him as a socialist and rabble rouser who basically hates anything to do with established American society – especially busniess. Therefore I never did allow myself to watch “Fahrenheigh 9/11” or “Bowling for Columbine” or ‘Capitalism, a Love Story” or most other movies that he did. I “already knew” what they were – or so I believed. I will admit that, as of today, I’ve still not seen the first two – though I did see the Capitalism movie. I also saw his movie “Sicko”.

I still believe that Moore is wrong-headed in some of his basic beliefs. But I should not allow those prejudgments to stop me from looking at his work – or any other work of others that is not garbage.

I’ll admit  that I find myself agreeing with some of what was in “Sicko”.  Same for the Capitalism flick. What I realized, as I watched, was that some of the spears that he throws are well aimed. Some of his attacks are on vested interests which maintain profits at the cost of good conduct. We could debate all day these points but read my other stuff and you will know that I am no socialist. If I can be labeled it would be “Constitutionalist” or “Libertarian”. Profit is a good thing if based on good production of ethical products.

It is difficult to argue that financiers, seeking gains from non-productive means (ie. money manipulation) nearly brought us to our knees in this country and around the world and the effects are still upon us. And the medical establishment has become a factory of  sickness, both creation of and the “curing” of;  with obscene costs to us as people.

Moore’s approach is bias and one must understand that  before taking all he has to heart. This should be done, frankly, when hearing any opinion (including mine). But any who can think and judge (and observe) should take time to actually view Moore’s movies – and then consider and research what is true for themselves. His movies might strike closer to truth than we realize.

To judge truth, however, one must be able to observe. It all boils down to “looking”. Look. Don’t prejudge. One’s own ability to look and see for themselves is the mark of true integrity and sanity. That is my opinion.

A latest target of Moore’s is one which I share. It pertains to the subject of psychiatric drugs. There are many others who are exposing this much more eloquently than I could do and you are encouraged to look and to judge for yourself.

Here is a quick interview from Moore:

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