by Ken on August 24, 2009

Have always found this to be a simple but beautiful melody from days gone by. Like many of us I first heard it as “What Child is This” during Christmas season.

I’ve got two cameras running and am recording this with an MAudio Board, and a Sonar 7 setup. All is put together in Media Studio.

Music today is becoming so electronic, so overproduced, so PERFECTLY crafted. Sometimes the human qualities are lost. After 20 takes, and overdubbing, a song takes on almost a creepy perfection. Most folks tend to like it – but become removed from all but the contrived celebrity of the performer. This is not always the case – but it is prevalent.

I’ve always enjoyed watching one person, with great or even mediocre skill, perform, just he or she and the instrument. The hands add a quality of life to the music – it proves that music is created – musing from the human spirit but through the body to give it its physical reality.

The first part is just creating on keyboard – tuning up. Then my rendition of Greensleeves.

Greensleeves from Ken Risley on Vimeo.

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