The Underlying Economic Problem and What You Can Do.

by Ken on July 26, 2009

This is not pretty – but it is a succinct statement of negative factors to our economic situation.

In 1913 we allowed money changing elites to take over the money of this nation. All money created is created out of thin air and then is charged as debt subject to interest payments paid to those who “created” it. While a trickle with relatively low impact at the start that act put into being an inevitable condition that we face today, nearly 100 years later.

Man has allowed among his own, mostly by non-recognition of such, non producers.  A sizable number of these non-producers are folks, who by franchise acquired by the passing of laws, become shuttlers of money. They move money back and forth and take a large portion of it to themselves in “payment” for their shuttling. When one removes money from a system if he does not replace it with something of value then the system bogs.

Even Obama admitted, in an interview with Jay Leno, that some 40% of all money which flowed last year was simply in the form of interest. Interest is tribute paid to folks who do nothing to earn it. And the economic system can not sustain this.

Today these “wizards” of money changing are doing all they can to put off a collapse of the system. Natural law requires that, ultimately, the “piper must be paid”.

Our economic system has bogged as more and more folks are removing from the system without replacing the same or increased value. These include the elites at the top who take money off the line without contributing anything to it as well as the just plain lazy who are more than happy to get a free ride if mandated by the government. By these elites, I do NOT mean managers and the brilliant folks who are at the helms of change. It is these folks upon whom we rely very much and they put much back into the system. The elites of which I speak tend to fall in the financial circles, the bankers and their governmental lap dogs who are part of the game they play. And there are others.

Even though our country is full of ethical people who want to work and have much to produce, they work in a system that was built, at the basics, by criminals who could not confront work. And now we are quickly arriving at a point where the majority, who unthinkingly allow and accept such economic unworkability, are large enough to keep criminals, who work to maintain the status quo, in power.

See Dr. Ron Paul, who is given 2 and a half minutes to read this into the record. That is all he got. But he does it well.

To do your part to not contribute to this mess:

  • Always remember that exchange and valuable products are the only basis upon which you can maintain economic security. If you are looking for a way to get a free ride, you are part of the problem and will suffer even more and you are contributing to the system collapse.
  • Listen to what is being said by folks who understand. The internet is the glaring light that is the worst fear of these criminals.  Suppressive beings can not stand the light of day. Pay attention and support those brave folks in congress who understand the situation and are bold enough to take action.
  • Consider joining “Campaign for Liberty” which is an effective group that is helping to get things done.
  • Consider the “Fair Tax” as an alternative to our current Income Tax system.
  • Don’t watch the news on TV. It is carefully rigged to lure you in, wreck your attitude, and scare you to death. Don’t partake. Get onto some newsgroups and other sources of data (without the fluff) to stay informed and then spend the rest of your time being productive, writing your congressmen, keeping your friends advised,  finding new ways to improve our world, and making yourself more competent.
  • Get a copy of “Way to Happiness“. This is a secular booklet outlining 21 basic points to living a happy life. It is the best and most to the point collection of wisdom of living that I have found.  I have a copy and I read it now and then and always find points that I can and should improve upon to live a happier life.

Do not despair. Take actions, stay at cause, and we will ride the waves of  inevitable change and even help to guide it into better ways.

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