The Day After Election

Every time I look at this political phenomenon I think of the movie “Wizard of Oz”.

Several Quotes:

“We’re not in Kansas anymore” – YEP

“Dorothy, you killed her……long live Dorothy” – YEP. Initial look almost senses some relief among those that have been defending her. What hold she most have had.

“Don’t pay attention to that man behind the curtain”.  By way of Wikileaks, social media, private broadcasters who operate outside of the mainstream, more people were able to see “behind the curtain” and see the system for what it has become: one rigged for the benefit of those in power (legally and financially) and that there is a hidden franchise with awesome influence upon our lives which has been acting for the benefit of a few and against the interests of many.

Today is but a first step. The hard work is still ahead of us.

Trump will not be a magic bullet. He will not glow things right. But he will, likely, set a tone and help create an awareness of what it takes to be great – many of us have forgotten. That greatest rests within all of us. We just need reminding.

Trump will set a tone. He will demand (through leadership and example) that we, if we want to win, do our best and work hard and dream big. I can’t think of better qualities of any leader.

He has many “promises” to keep. I trust that he will, within the requirements of law, keep them.

He has a confidence of self that is uncomfortable to many in our society – who are often taught that doubt is the center-pin of intelligence. This is NOT true. Knowingness and certainty, based on observation and looking, is the key to intelligence and intelligent action. Knowingness, not based in some past decision that is immutable, but based upon observation (in present time), decision and then action is a quality of value. Observe, Decide and Act. This process allows adjustments, as needed, because any stuck knowingness is not knowingness at all but simply abstinence.

I trust that he will surround himself with good advisers, from all viewpoints, and then decide and act, as needed. And never overstep his legal boundaries.

That is my hope, it is my expectation.

International affairs should be set for mutual benefit and must be based on communication (of words and goods) and fairness and an eye for MUTUAL benefit. War is NEVER that – and I believe that we will act accordingly and encourage others to do so.

And terrorism, that force so kept in place by counter-force, will slowly fade into memory.

Let’s all win. And may both parties realize that their majorities are good people with mostly good intentions and, probably, more in agreement than they even know. Each has been hijacked, unknowingly to them, by extremists that have put us head to head in divisive battles.

If we have, or are in the process, of identifying these extremists (both side) we will realize, again, that we are all Americans and all want what is best for ourselves , our families, this country and mankind. Because, we really do – I am certain of that.

It was a great day – 8 November 2016.

Now, we have work to do.

Ken Risley 9 November 2916

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