Facebook, X, Telegram, Truth, Youtube and the list goes on. I lurk on many and participate in a few. Facebook bothers me, I will be honest. The digital world has grown beyond what ANYONE can grasp. And the hands that can manipulate it, and do manipulate it, are unknown but suspected. I like Facebook in […]

The following was published on October, 29, 2013, and somehow got corrupted on this site. So I have republished it. As some who follow my wife, Kim, on Facebook may know, we are now new parents of a young puppy. This little gal is now about 10 weeks old. She is getting better every day […]

Rhapsody in Blue

by Ken on August 11, 2023

In late 1975 I visited Lori, my fiancee, at her parents’ home we called the “Tree House”. It was a beautiful modern home that they had purchased from my dad a few years prior. Lori’s dad, Joe, had a beautiful Baldwin full sized grand, perfectly in tune, sitting in a place of importance, just under […]

Family Cruise July 2023

July 29, 2023

On Sunday the 16th of July, we returned from a week’s cruising with the family. That afternoon, while unpacking, I took a moment to jot down this poem to help wrap up, at least to me, some of the complex and conflicting feelings which can come returning from such an experience. Memories from the Decks   No […]

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A major report released; why do we hear nothing?

September 4, 2019

About 6 years ago I was confronted by a reader of my blogs wondering if I,  as a registered Structural Engineer, had ever heard of “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”. I told him that I had, as a side, but had never delved into anything they had said. He, basically, called me a “coward”. This […]

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Pilots – the Canaries of Freedom

August 5, 2019

In past days coal miners placed canaries in mines to protect them against the ravages of poisonous gases which could quietly snuff out their lives. The canaries were placed to react and, yes, to die creating a warning for the miners  before their own awareness of the looming dangers. We rely upon early warning systems […]

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Carol and Leif

August 4, 2017

Something about this picture struck me deep. It elicited a heartfelt love and appreciate for a very special person in my life. Looking at this image, I see, in my mind, an earlier image – the first time I met Carol.  I was looking through a window of an outer door that was at the […]

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Google. Kind of Scary.

February 27, 2017

Google has terrifying power. We’ve given it to them as we have accepted their enticing gifts and conveniences. They have become de facto gatekeepers of knowledge. To date, they have exercised this immense and growing power with relative care and benevolence. But it has become an influence upon each of us as its reach now […]

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Reevaluation of this blog

February 27, 2017

With Facebook, and our push for instant gratification, seems that more and more of us do our musings for our FB friends. We get our likes, and occasional comments, but since FB is now a part of so many’s lives, as readers we tend to scan over stuff. A well-written article is missed because folks […]

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After the Election 2016

November 9, 2016

Every time I look at this political phenomenon I think of the movie “Wizard of Oz”. Several Quotes: “We’re not in Kansas anymore” – YEP “Dorothy, you killed her……long live Dorothy” – YEP. Initial look almost senses some relief among those that have been defending her. What hold she most have had. “Don’t pay attention […]

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