Family Cruise July 2023

by Ken on July 29, 2023

On Sunday the 16th of July, we returned from a week’s cruising with the family.

That afternoon, while unpacking, I took a moment to jot down this poem to help wrap up, at least to me, some of the complex and conflicting feelings which can come returning from such an experience.

Memories from the Decks


No more Decks 9 or 4, where laughter laced the air,

Where crystal seas and hazy skies did bind us without care.

No more shows to light our nights; quick meals are mostly gone

For now, it’s life’s untrodden paths that call to move us on.

We’re lucky, oh so lucky, in ways both rare and grand,

To be both FRIENDS and FAMILY, on sea and solid land.

The times of shared adventures, of fellowship and mirth,

These are treasures of our souls, beyond mere worldly worth.

So, while Decks 9 and 4 have lost our joyous din,

The love and laughter that we shared still echo deep within.

Life waits with open arms, inviting us to strive,

But oh, the memories of the decks, they’ll keep our hearts alive.

Ken Risley, July 2023

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