Testing the Gear 360

by Ken on September 24, 2016

When I was deciding on the 360 camera to purchased one of my biggest questions was how did a 360 video look in raw form as taken by the Gear 360. The examples I could find were through Youtube and that is not a good test. Youtube degrades the video to make it publishable and the results do not properly show off the capabilities of any particular camera.

Below you will find a link which you can use to download a video I shot using my Gear 360. This is what you get, folks. Based on this, you can judge the quality for yourself and by your own standards.

For me, it’s pretty good. I have shot some nice footage on our recent trip to New Orleans. While not 1080P quality, the immersive nature of these videos well-compensates.

You’ll notice that items nearer the camera look better. Far items are what they are.

Hope this helps.

Quick Review: I like the Gear 360. I am a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge owner so there is a natural affinity between the camera, the software and the phone. The “4K” is important because any number of pixels shot will be spread over an entire sphere and there is no way, with current technology, for a video with more density. Cameras and players will have to move to the next step (8K and beyond) to tackle that issue. The technology is in its infancy. For me, jumping into it now made sense. I plan to hold on further purchased until we see where the technology is going and we see more development. Untethered VR is the way, for me. The Rift, and others, tie us to a computer. I like the mobility of this.

One interesting observation. My father is in a nursing home and his mind has faded a lot. We strapped goggles onto him the other day and you can’t believe his reaction. He was totally immersed. It took him to a new dimension. I think these tools have some real possibilities in the world of transforming people in boring situations into a new world. It was impressive.

This video was shot with my Gear 360 – it is about 3.4 gigs and lasts about 10 minutes. Here is the Youtube Link and the download link so you can see it both processes and in “raw” MP4 form.

Hope it helps.



Download (Right Click it and choose “Save Link As” – otherwise you will stream it, which does not help)


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