Took a Nice 7 Day Cruise

by Ken on December 16, 2013

We took a cruise this week on the Carnival Dream. Made it to 4 ports, two sea days and enjoyed each other’s company and the changing scenes.

One of the more enjoyable points was spending several hours with some friends on the island of Roatan.  Willie and Mirna were born and raised on the tiny island and have built a full life, raising three kids, all on an island 35 by 5 miles in size. Willie is an excellent driver and navigated narrow streets РI was quite happy to let him deal with it. But I realize that Willie has never driven (or seen for that matter) a freeway, or a 4 lane highway. He has never driven more than a few miles in any one direction. He and Mirna grew up within 15 miles of each other on a small island yet never met until they were adults. Roads were dirt and fit, mostly, for horses. Cars were hardly seen.

Willie knows, it seems, most everyone on the island – is related to a large percentage. Part of the video below is of our ride and our discussions. I love his unique way of talking.

We saw ruins, and had some good times in others areas, but our time with Willie and Mirna was our most memorable and favorite.

Cruise On The Carnival Dream Dec 2013 Ken And Kim-1-1-1 from Ken Risley on Vimeo.

Cruising is an excellent value Рand for shear relaxation, there is little to beat it. We love many other types of getaways,  but cruising is among our favorites.

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