Been Gone a While – but where?

by Ken on September 7, 2013

This website is important to me yet I have not really shown that to be true in the last several months. Wanted to write a quick article about my activities since late last year.

I have literally been out of town (and out of the country as well) for over 3 months since last September. Part of my time was spent up in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York, some in Oklahoma, some in Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire (known as the ABC islands just north of Venezuela)  and Cartagena, Colombia. My missions have been both business and personal.

Hurricane Sandy kicked the hell out of a large part of New England. I was called up, as an Engineer, to do evaluations of damage and to determine categories of damage for insurance payouts. I saw some real destruction and met some of the most amazing people who showed the strength and resilience of human character in the face of some staggering losses. Over 4 separate trips I visited properties throughout the region, including Brooklyn, Long Island and most of Jersey Shores. In Oklahoma I evaluated a unique loss for which little data had been compiled launching me into a detailed study of the subject of lumber moisture management and its relation to changes in size. Though this might sound a bit boring, the truth is that many 100’s of Thousands of dollars sat subject to the results of my evaluation. I spent time in Miami, in Tallahassee (in Florida) evaluating various losses and Code violations. This was on top of my continuing Engineering and Design business. I created several beautiful designs throughout the country, including Memphis, the Ozarks, Alaska, Illinois and, of course, Florida.

My time in the ABC’s and Colombia were mostly personal. I achieved a major goal of a personal spiritual journey upon which I have been diligently pursing for over a quarter of a century. Beyond that win, I met some of the most extraordinary beings on the planet. These are now life-long friends. I also met folks of Cartagena in Colombia and fell in love with these people. Colombia, thanks to the work of a handful of people, is coming out of a decades long nightmare that included staggering economy, drug cartels, the use of children (over 100,000) to act as fronts and fighting forces for the drug producers in the country (what cowards). Because of the work of these folks (donations, hard work, etc.) the numbers of kids doing this has been reduced to 20,000 (1/5 the original), the economy is up 7x and the crime rate is down to 1/6 its level just 4 years ago. The country is on such a fast uptrend that other nearby countries (Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, Venezuela, and many others are looking into what caused it. There are answers. Again, if you are interested, contact me).

Life is a complete joy. I feel better than I ever have. I love work and working. I treasure my precious wife, Kimberly. We have a new puppy (a female cockapoo named “Piper”). We have a bunch of traveling stacked up to do – both in our airplane and beyond. We are currently putting order into everything we can find – the hangar, closets, work spaces, etc. We are on a mission.

Work hard. Play hard. It is the only way to attack life and maintain true happiness.

If you want to know more about my wins in Colombia, let me know.  I had a great time and would not trade my achievement for anything in the world. Nothing I have EVER done was more difficult, more challenging or more rewarding. That statement is absolute.

Will be staying up with the site more.

Much Love,

Ken Risley

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