Confusion, Knowledge and the Search for Relative Truth

by Ken on March 17, 2012

Confusion comes about by a condition of having all particles in motion. To visualize this, if you were in motion and were in a room where all others were also in motion, and there was no frame of reference you would experience confusion. Not until you can identify one item that is still can you then align all other motions with that one and thus move out of confusion.

We manage data the same way. At the root of all what we understand and know are basic stable data which we have fully accepted. It is upon these stable data that we assemble our universe of knowledge, each new datum held in place and aligned by some fixed datum of reference.

That is why it is cruelty itself to destroy a man’s stable datum. It can cause his carefully assembled structure of knowledge to crumble about him. If one dares to question another man’s stable datum it is nasty business not to show him another one upon which he can fully agree.

The value of a datum can be measured by the number of data it can align. A really valuable datum can clarify a large chunk of the universe. A poor one tends to fly in the face of observation and requires the “invention” of another datum, true or not, to make it fit. These are often called superstitions.

For instance, modern scientific thought is that ALL is material. All is Mass, Energy, Space and Time. With this as a premise we see that “science” struggles with certain concepts such as, “How did Life Begin”. They struggle with cosmic issues because they consider the highest principle to be that “All is Material”. There is an immense amount of observable data that cannot be evaluated using that premise. There, the “scientists” become superstitious. They invent data to make it fit. You see this in the theories that abound about the origins of life, or the underlying reasons of evolution, or of the origin of the universe (they believe it’s only one). I am not arguing for or against any points of science here. The stable datum of evolution does clarify many observable facts but it far from clarifying certain cosmic principles like what is life it or how the Laws of Entropy are reversed or of who cares or why.

Often these stable data are known (or accepted) but not actually recognized specifically as underlying data – yet they dictate all alignment for a person.

Religious convictions are important to peoples’ order. EVERYONE is religious. Even the atheist is religious. The “scientist” is religious (see his premises described above). Each has a principle which aligns every datum of existence – to him or her.  Religious convictions run deep. Destroying the stable datum of a man, be it his religious principles, or any other principles, can cause a him to experience a real sense of confusion. Man, from scientists to priests, from airline pilots to the natives of New Guinea, all sort out the world and align it to stable data which they have accepted. Some learn them in books, some take them as stories from their mothers. Many aboriginal (and civilized) groups makes sense out of the vagaries of life by data, perhaps not well investigated, that is valuable only by the fact of alignment. These mitigate the confusions of life. Others, who operating with other stable data might see another’s data differently, calling them superstitions. Superstitions are simply ways of getting it to make sense. Scientists have them. All of us do.

The key point, a datum is as valuable as it clarifies other data. A good datum will clarify that which is observed and can be used to predict future occurrences.  So always look with that end in mind. Even if it is “scientifically” based, asked the question, are the observable data clarified by what he or she says?

Does it make sense – to you?

We have many authoritarian fields. In fact, almost all fields are, to some extent. A big one is medicine. The field of healing is authoritarian. If you don’t believe it, make a statement on a vitamin bottle that it cures a disease (say vitamin C curing scurvey (which is true) and watch the authorities swoop down on you and march you off to jail. Medicine, as an institution, states that only Drugs, Radiation and Surgery can cure anything. This is actually a law and is backed by guns. It is a field fraught with authoritarianism and know-best. See my Page about Cancer.

Of course belief can be a medicine itself and some authoritarianism can be therapeutic. But when it bars the act of looking – you got a problem.

When you see this, be it medicine,  a religion, a PTA group – know that they are attempting to enforce a truth. If a truth must be enforced, it is likely lacking in its nature.

Bottom line – look for yourself. And fight against any institution that prohibits looking.

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