Healthcare Reform – Yes; This monstrosity – No!

by Ken on August 3, 2009

We hear folks tearing down the current system as well as the proposed government system. Tearing down proposals does not solve the problem.

Allowing free markets to work is the best way. The word “free” means just that. What we have today, though not government in genesis, is still highly dominated by rules that favor corporations and drug companies.

We need to make sure that the solution proposed:

Gives Americans control over their health care by giving them control over their health care dollar via tax credits and deductions similar to those outlined in Congressman Ron Paul’s Comprehensive Health Care Reform Act (HR 1495).

Protects privacy rights by allowing patients and physicians to opt-out of any government-mandated or funded system of electronic health care records, and repeals the federal law creating an “unique patient identifier” by adopting the policies contained in Congressman Ron Paul’s Protect Patients and Physicians Privacy Act (HR 2630).

Empowers doctors by softening antitrust law restrictions on health care professionals when they negotiate with insurers and medical providers.  Our current system gives drug companies and corporate interests all the power.

If you agree – tell your Representatives and Senators. You can call the congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to voice your dissent.

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