Auditing the Federal Reserve

by Ken on July 7, 2009

There is a move a foot to Audit the Federal Reserve. Though many in the senate are getting behind this bill there are also many who take the elitist position to keep the Fed operation behind closed doors.

At heart is a the transparency of the Federal Reserve and its operations.

This institution, created in 1913, has been at the center of a devaluing of the dollar by more than 95% since 1913. There is much written on this institution and we Americans should take it upon ourselves to learn and to understand more.

See this video as Senator DeMint points out the double standard that is being used in the Senate in application of their rules in an attempt to keep this bill from being successful.

If you do not know anything about it and are interested, take some time to become familiar with the issue.

If you agree that the Fed should operate in the Sunshine, then contact your congress reps to tell them what you believe.

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