My Banjo Days – and other anomolies.

by Ken on July 1, 2009

I was always a John Hartford fan. From the first time I saw him, with Vassar Clements, on the lawns of University of Florida, I was hooked. I bought a banjo with the dollars left over from my flying, and I learned to play it with Bob Higginbottom. Bob was the top player in the State of Florida in those days, and with his help, and a little from the Earl Scruggs banjo book, I picked up and learned the instrument.

Gentle on my Mind

Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Cripple Creek


Duelin Banjos

These were the only banjo recordings that I did that I could find. There may be more – I’ll keep looking. These were recorded in the late 1970’s using nothing but a simple stereo recorder. The Dueling Banjos, and others, were done with a double run and overlay. I would record the guitar and then the banjo over that.

We did not have much tech in those days. I was sitting on a floor with cords running from here to there. I had one take, and it had to work.

I let the banjo go – unfortunately. I allowed the noise of life to interfere.

But I pick it up now and then and realize I could get it back within weeks. I think I will buy a Gibson Mastertone and get those chops back.

That’ll be fun.

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dana August 2, 2009 at 4:58 pm

Ken. I listened to the musical compositions and loved it. Can you still play the banjo? I would love to hear it recorded with the new technology.

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