Post-Election 2008

by Ken on November 15, 2008

The election is over – Obama won.

It is inevitable after any election that part of the population is elated and other parts not so happy.  Of course,  I fell into the “not so happy” realm.

But it only lasted a short while. The larger picture is that this country has survived much.

Mr Obama is, I know, a source of pride for many, if not most, blacks in this country. And I understand. I traveled to Tallahassee a few days ago and was struck, admittedly with subtlety, by a raised tone of the blacks that I met and saw a sparkle in their eyes. And I began to think, “Why not?”. You, sir, represent a race which is, at the core, no better or worse than mine. Race means, or should mean, nothing. You should be proud. Frankly, I am proud. And every person in this country, of any race, should realize that any can ascend to the highest office. MLK said he only asked that we be judged by our characters. Well, I believe,  I hope correctly, Obama was.

I have faith – and it is only faith at this point – that Mr. Obama will prove to be a man of good character. That he will recognize and act based upon the true fact that there are millions in this country, upon whom this country is truly built, that think as I.  His victory speech contained words that, to me, indicated that he understood the core principles of the Republican party. I appreciated that. Though the GOP has strayed badly from those principles, that he could state them so eloquently, showed me that he could understand them.

He is at the beginning of what could be the greatest presidency of our era.  He really could be. And he could restore much of what has waned in this country. If he governs from a more centrist position, which most presidents have done, we may be in for a great time.

And what a legacy he would leave, for this county and for all of mankind.

So I am behind you, Mr. Obama. I will support you as President Obama.  Though my principles will never be alloyed, and I will do what I can to help this country live by those principles which I believe is the only genuine foundation for growth and strength.  I will support you and postulate a greater nation for us all.

And given my less than gracious thoughts and fears of the past; please prove me wrong Mr. President.

We should all give him encouragement, but healthy and honest criticism if needed, and then do our parts to build a better world.

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