Let’s keep some things in perspective.

by Ken on September 23, 2008

People tend to believe that what is happening now is the worst ever. Global warming is unprecedented – and we have caused it. There is a financial meltdown that will result in a complete demise of our economy and a plunge us into a depression the likes of which we have not known.

We hear continuing evidence, we think, that the world is on its way out. It’s now the worst it has ever been.

What myopic crap.

It is crap born by the constant junk food of news, talking heads, merchants of chaos, and the like who spread such nonsense like fertilizer on a lawn. And it becomes contagious – spreading from person to person like a plague. But it  is a plague of attitude. It is consideration.

We sit at our TV’s getting fat as we watch Reality TV just to put some pizzazz in our lives. Many have let their lives become so mundane and they seek drama and outlet. Lacking enough real problems they invent or subscribe to newly devised problems to keep that inventory at its proper level.  We, as humans, need problems. And if we do not have enough, a common condition in this society, we’ll invent them.

But this is not only a condition of today – but ageless. It is human nature to believe that now is the only time, the past insignificant and the future unreal. That underlying premise can really cause fixed attention upon certain things and the misjudging of their importance.

But add to that human characteristic the fact of the communication explosions of today – and you’ve got an amplifier and conduit that can cause a huge a sickness of spirit.

Recently I have heard numerous takes upon the disastrous financial situation we have in this county. There a ominous predictions of gloom and doom. “Now we’ve done it!” is the underlying consideration. We are really screwed now.


I did a calculation. If the bailout of Freddy and Fannie and AIG totals 885 billion dollars, that breaks down to $4425 dollars for every adult in America. That is assuming 200 million adults over 18.

Now, keep this in mind. That is about the cost of an expensive cruise. It is the cost of a nice dining room set. It is the cost of a nice flat screen TV and a nice refrigerator. I know, I might be off a bit. But if someone came into your house and stole your dining room set, or flat screen TV, even if you did not have insurance, you would be thankful your family was okay and you would, very soon, get on with your life.

Would you be peeved? Damn right you would!. Would you even take action to assure that it does not happen again – pretty likely.

But would you give up, fall down, cry and decide that you are near death and that future is bleak and you may as well give up? Of course not. You better not.

I am no rich guy – far from it. But I have lost $4,000 by making a stupid decision. I was peeved at myself, but I went on. The next week or so I made a decision that gained me $4,000. Life is like that. You go on.

With Freddy, Fanny and the like we need to:

  • Find out the truth of what happened and make sure that does not happen again.
  • Make any criminal actions by any accounted for – jail time and amends as necessary.
  • Seek out if there were any arbitrary laws, going against natural law and common sense, that allowed or caused this situation to occur and get rid of them.
  • See if there were any politicians that made ANY unfair money from this beyond their salaries as government employees and if so bring them up on charges of treason.
  • Assure that any government bailout does not permanently hang socialistic anti-free market control upon our economy and life.  Avoiding this can only be done with trusted guards in our government who are sane and accountable. There are many who will take any opportunity to tighten their grip of control upon all of us. We need to understand that these people exist and that their intentions are not good. Good men and woman must be protected from these vultures. And there are many good men and women who can do it.
  • There may be and probably are other things to do.

But, most important, after the above are done, get on with it; get on with life. It was a bump in the road. The sun will come up tomorrow. Get out there and produce, be happy and work and thrive.

Come on folks. Life is in you today – you make your tomorrows.

Let’s cut the gloom and doom. One gets what one’s attention is upon. Get your attention upon thriving and doing better – and you’ll get those conditions for sure. Think of and expect gloom, and you’ll get that too.

Hey – I’m pissed. Some folks need to pay. And we need some sane guards at the door to protect our interests. And getting sane people is another discussion – for it entirely possible.

But in the meantime let’s all try to remember that life is still sweet and good for those who can and choose to see the goodness in life.

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Guy Van Meulebrouck April 30, 2010 at 1:03 pm

well said. Very inspirational and appreciated.

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