David and Ken – August 1988 – Hike to Table Rock

Thumbnail image for David and Ken – August 1988 – Hike to Table Rock June 10, 2014

I just began a transfer of all my old VHS and DV tapes (including super-8 film movies) into digital format. Came across this one. It is long but I could scarcely cut a second. I find myself captivated by this brief capsule of time – 26 years ago as I write this. For any who […]

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Her Soul is Her Own

Thumbnail image for Her Soul is Her Own June 5, 2014

Recently, I was flying my airplane on a business trip. It was one of those smooth wonderful days when you put it on autopilot and just sit and behold a world that one never entirely gets used to. I sat looking at my airplane – and fell in love again. I’ve owned her for nearly 16 […]

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Aunt Joy

Thumbnail image for Aunt Joy March 22, 2014

This week we lost our beloved Aunt Joy. She was my father’s sister. I wrote this  on Aunt Joy’s obituary: None can be truly summarized by the single word or idea. Beings have nearly infinite and unending qualities. But the single word that occurs to me, a word that describes this wonderful person, my Aunt […]

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Took a Nice 7 Day Cruise

December 16, 2013

We took a cruise this week on the Carnival Dream. Made it to 4 ports, two sea days and enjoyed each other’s company and the changing scenes. One of the more enjoyable points was spending several hours with some friends on the island of Roatan.  Willie and Mirna were born and raised on the tiny […]

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The “Terrible” and wonderful “Two’s”

Piper the Dog October 29, 2013

As some who follow my wife, Kim, on Facebook may know, we are now new parents of a young puppy. This little gal is now about 10 weeks old. She is getting better every day but I’ve got to say that it’s like having a two year old on 4 legs romping around the house. […]

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A Self Reminder

September 22, 2013

On Saturday Kim and I had a fantastic day. We decided to take full advantage of a beautiful day, our airplane, our foldable bikes and a great setting called Cedar Key of the West Coast off Florida. Over the past few years we have been so busy and focused on certain major goals, that we […]

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Been Gone a While – but where?

September 7, 2013

This website is important to me yet I have not really shown that to be true in the last several months. Wanted to write a quick article about my activities since late last year. I have literally been out of town (and out of the country as well) for over 3 months since last September. […]

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Can’t Run a Whorehouse

November 2, 2012

Many people may recall the Mustang Ranch brothel out in Nevada. It was $100 million per year success. So successful, in fact, the government decided it had to do something about it. As you may recall the owner of that legal business got into trouble with the IRS and it ended up shutting down his […]

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Are Civil Rights and Fair-Play the Domain of Democrats? It’s What’s We’ve Been Told.

October 10, 2012

We live in a world of false information. It is always a challenge to find truth – especially in areas of history; which, of course, is written by those who have dominated and won. “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” ― George Orwell, 1984 Today, the common […]

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Cabin in the Hills

September 5, 2012

Kim and I went up to the Georgia mountains a couple of weeks ago. Great cabin. Many thanks to David and Malika for making it available for us. Cabins are the best way to see the mountains, I think (other than, perhaps, a motor home). The places are usually really nice. Meals are literally “home-cooked” […]

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